Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ink blending tools - what to pick for someone new to distress inks?

Hello! :)

I just started using the distress inks, which are awesome for blending, stencils etc. and thought that writing about the various blending tools available out there would be helpful for others like me for whom these inks are new..

Ranger has its own version of ink blending tools. Alongwith that there are other blending tools available that are made by other brands, like Tsukineko sponge daubers. Lastly, it is the humble makeup sponge wedge.

I started with the ranger blending tool for blending inks but it kinda proved difficult because I would end up applying way too much pressure.
Ditto with the sponge daubers..  also because of the dauber's small size, they covered a lot less area.

The makeup wedges worked best for me, they are all sponge and super light so they help in even distribution of ink without me ending up exerting too much force.. they not only helped blend color easily but were also awesome with stencils! Also at (INR) Rs. 350/- for a pack of 24 wedges, the most pocket friendly too!

I know many crafters are fans of the ranger and other branded ink blending tools, but seriously guys, give the makeup wedge a try... :) you will not be disappointed!

Have a happy day!

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