Monday, 13 April 2015

Fun with Krylon!

Hello! :)

I recently bought a krylon gold leafing pen so I put it to some good use with this simple little card.

The background is hand-written (with Krylon) and I put in all the adjectives to describe the person this was going out to.

The part where I put down the name, I have covered in this picture.
The stars are gold and silver confetti stars, but if you don't find them, you can stencil some with your krylon (I don't know if it is visible in the picture, but the pen is super super shiny, like liquid gold..)

The chunky glitter is gold and silver bits of the heavy glitter that is sold in tiny bottles and used by the people to sprinkle over their rangoli.

I initially thought it was too simple, but any element that I added only killed the look so I thought, sometimes simplicity is the best option. :)

Okay, now on Krylon... I bought it because there are not a lot of gold color pens out there which look great on black and white cardstock  equally. This one looks great on both plus on vellum! Runs like butter...

I bought mine from here.

I was in a rush so was able to take just one picture which so does not do justice to how pretty the gold pen looks but well, you get the idea...

If however you don't want to invest in one, I would suggest, go for a uniball silver pen. This would look really pretty in silver too and the uniball pen writes beautifully. Plus with a finer tip you would be able to add a whole lot more adjectives! ;)

Having said that, I still wouldn't trade my Krylon for anything else... it's a fabulous investment. There is no substitute that would look half as good and shiny as compared to a Krylon with smooth, even results on a lot of objects.

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome day!

Disclaimer : Views expressed are of my own and I was not influenced to write this.

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