Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Challenge time + New releases at Peek-a-boo Designs!

Hello and good morning!

It's the 1st of March and the folks at Peek-a-boo Designs (PABD) are back with a brand new challenge!

For this challenge, you gotta make it colorful and it's gotta be in a set... but, it can't be a set of the exact same thing...

Example : A set of two albums = Not allowed. A set of two cards = Not allowed.
But, a set of 1 card and 1 album? Allowed! ^__^

I made a co-ordinating set of 3 pieces that comprise of a card, a bookmark and a tag.

The one on the left with the bright pink striped ribbon is the tag and the one on the right, a bookmark.

I deliberately did not use any 3D embellishments on the bookmark to facilitate it's lamination.

This is the card.

All the 3 projects were made using these brand new PABD stamp sets :
1. Be Good and,
2. Lily Hope

Absolutely fantastic release by PABD because this time, it's not just stamps! They launched cardstock too! Woo hoo!!!

The cardstock is of excellent quality and I had a fabulous experience using it.

My projects were made using the following cardstock by PABD :
1. Black and,
2. White Sand Texture

I'd love to know what you think of the projects and would be super happy if you participate in the challenge!

Check ---- Here for challenge details!

Till next time dear friends! *Hugs*

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