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Let's talk about craft supplies


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Recently, I got to know that a few of So Suzy Stamps were copied and were wrongly being sold in India.

I do not want my article to be about negativity, I only want to educate those new crafters who have recently embraced the hobby to know how to recognize the difference between an original product and a fake.

Let's take the example of So Suzy Stamps.

So Suzy Stamps are made in the USA with high quality red rubber. So when you see someone selling those exact same designs in clear stamps, alarm bells should go off in your head.

I know what you're thinking... how will we know that there is another brand out there who owns this design?

It's difficult when you're starting out. To be absolutely honest, there are some brands that even the most experienced crafters do not know of.

Any brand's work can be copied but here are a few things to keep in mind before you make a crafty purchase.

Google is your best friend

If you are in doubt or confused about a purchase, google it.

First try with the product name. If nothing comes up, use an element from the product and google.

Example : If it's a wedding dress stamp, google :  wedding dress stamp images

You can even use this technique for stencil patterns, stickers etc.

While it is not foolproof, it can help you determine to a certain extent if the product you plan to purchase is original or not.


Usually the copied products are priced much lower than the originals. So if you see a product being offered to you at a throw away price whereas identical products by other companies are expensive, think, why is this product being sold so cheap?

Ask the manufacturer

Many manufacturers are not designers and illustrators. They source the design from illustrators, pay for it and manufacture it.

So, if in doubt you should ask the manufacturer for the source. If it seems fishy, you know you are dealing with a fake product.

Ask a craft store owner

Most craft store owners who have been dealing in the sale of craft supplies will know the difference between an original and a fake.

Many of these wonderful ladies help out and give advice upon asking so if you are in a doubt, do not hesitate to contact them! They will definitely guide.

Disadvantages of purchasing a fake product :

The fake product will give you inferior performance and will not give you the best results.

Resale value
If you buy an original product, you can re-sell it / destash it after you are no longer interested in using it and recover some amount out of the total cost of that item.

If it's a fake people will not buy it.

Also sometimes things are bought on an impulse and we crafters destash those (I know I have bought stuff on an impulse and destashed those items, brand new!) at MRP less 5 - 10% of what we paid for it. With a fake product, once again, it's not gonna be possible as people will not buy it.

So you see, while the fake product may come cheap, in the long run, it is nothing but a loss.

Using a fake product will only hamper your brand value and reputation in the international markets. A major negative if you ask me.

I hope this article has helped you learn something new and encouraged you to make an informed decision leading to an ethical purchase.

Lastly, we have formed a facebook group to help people learn the difference between originals and fakes.
Join us if you are also a supporter of original products!

Check it out >>>>  HERE 

Have a beautiful weekend dear friends and happy crafting! ^__^

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great info Halak :) It will definitely help us to differentiate between original & fake products.

    1. Most welcome dear Priyanka! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! ^__^

  2. Thanks for sharing the info it will definitely help the crafters
    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thank you dear! I'm glad it was of help to you.

  3. I had no idea of something like this happening..I am new to tge crafting world..Thanks for sharing Halak..👍