Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The humble craft sheet

Apologies for my feb hiatus, but with it being the month of love et al, I am pretty sure the internet must have had an overload of love...
Jokes apart, :) I am back, refreshed and inspired to continue writing, and this post, as you guessed, is about the craft sheet.

What is a craft sheet you ask?
I have been crafting for years, and yet, I got to know of it only recently, so no worries, better late than never.
Its a thin sheet that provides a non-stick surface over which you can work with various materials like glue, clay, (nail polish even!) etc. etc.

Why do I need one?
Well, till I didn't have it, I used to end up spilling paint, glue etc. on the floor, the furniture, my cutting mat... you get the picture...
Not like I couldn't ever clean it up, but the problem was that it was pretty difficult and time consuming removing the stains.
After I got it, I still made a mess, but on the craft sheet.
Let me tell you, cleaning the sheet was a breeze, stuff peeled right off it. I even washed it in water, the water droplets rolled right off it and it was dry and as good as new in less than 30 mins.

I know what you are thinking....
It must be expensive...

Well when I initially looked around, I saw some that were really expensive which made me want to reconsider as I didn't want to be stuck with an expensive one if I didn't like using it. (Yes, despite reading quite a bit about it, we crafters do have our own quirks and sets of likes and dislikes.)

Luckily, I found one which fit my budget... I bought mine from here : www.thecraftshop.in/distress-ink/304843-Non-Stick-Craft-Sheet.html

I was skeptical when it arrived thinking I might never use it, (the sheet is huge, covers my A3 cutting mat easily and leaves some extra room too!) but boy oh boy, how wrong was I..

I totally love it and use it all the time... even if sometimes glue gets to the wrong side of paper, I don't have to worry about tugging at the paper and the project being ruined, because the glue peels off the craft sheet so my paper stays intact, without damage. :) I sometimes also use it while painting my nails... like I said, nail polish too peels right off it... super easy.

I am not saying you must buy one, but I do recommend it, it is one of those essential products that reduce your cleanup time post crafting.

Hope this was informative enough! Happy crafting!

Disclaimer : The views expressed are of my own and I was not influenced by anybody to write this post.

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  1. So helpful this review is...TFS Dear !!

  2. I am glad it was of use Shalu! :) Have a beautiful day!